Gold Floral Brocade Viscose Women's Tallit / Tallis Hand Made in Israel By Ronit Gur

Gold Floral Brocade Viscose Women's Tallit / Tallis Hand Made in Israel By Ronit Gur

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Size: 50 x 180 cm / 20" x 72"

Distinctly feminine and pretty, this superb woman’s Tallit will prove that you can worship God while also looking beautiful at the same time! Elegant and graceful, this stunning white and gold prayer shawl features a marvelous design that mimics the more traditional woolen Tallit with its delicate stripes made from golden ribbons and applique fabric embroidered with floral brocade patterns to accent the corners, Atarah (collar), and center, giving this delightful garment a charming and sophisticated appearance. Sleek and silky, this eye-catching prayer shawl is indescribably beautiful, and will certainly breathe something special into your prayer service for years to come. Excellent to give as a gift that will guarantee that you or a loved one will be the best dressed in the room; this spectacular Tallit comes with a splendid matching bag and Kippah, making this fantastic set from the Holy Land a treasure you’ll always cherish!           

Ronit Gur is an Israeli artist and founder of a leading art studio that specializes in unique and artistic traditional textile products like Tallitot (Prayer Shawls), Tallit Bags, Challah Covers, and more made from a wide range of beautiful fabrics. Established 17 years ago, Ronit Gur is a family run business, whose sterling reputation has been well earned due to the exquisiteness and quality construction of these gorgeous creations. Producing a stunning variety of breathtaking products of unparalleled excellence, any masterpiece made by this outstanding artist is a keepsake that is sure to meet and exceed all of your highest expectations!