Gates of Freedom Haggadah By Chaim Stern

Gates of Freedom Haggadah By Chaim Stern

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Illustrations by Andrea Meyer
Chaim Stern has been the principal creator of the liturgy of Reform Judaism for the past quarter century, beginning with the publication of 'Gates of Prayer'. He is also creator of other works and Co-Editor of the liturgy of the British Liberal movement. "

Rabbi Stern, the master of modern Jewish liturgy, offers the Passover seder that runs itself in this revision of his best-selling classic,Gates of Freedom.

The text is clearly marked so that families with young children can shorten the service, while those who want to deepen their seder experience can enhance it with both traditional and contemporary readings. A dazzling array of commentaries, anecdotes, poems, and songs enrich the Gates of Freedom.

All the Passover traditions are explained with clarity and insight. Seder participants will find renewed delight in the Passover celebration, as they experience the familiar rituals and text, and discover new meaning, relevance, and inspiration.