Empowerment - Mixed Media Collage - Jewish Art By Gad Almaliah

Empowerment - Mixed Media Collage - Jewish Art By Gad Almaliah

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Product Description

Inspired by old folk art, noted for its imperfection and design
Please don't look for perfection . Enjoy the design and its concept, the exotic imagery and the usage of materials.
Extraordinary Gadi's own unique print technique of hand embossed multicolor metal illustrations
Dimensions: 10 x 14 inches
Floating Custom made Frame
About the Artist: Gad Almaliah was born and raised in Jerusalem. He graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem and studied at the school of Visual Arts in New York City.
The Mexican Government sponsored Gad for two years to work with local artists at the University of Mexico.
Gad served as president of the Graphic Designers' Association of Israel for 15 years. In addition to designing postal stamps for the postal services of Israel, the United States and Mexico, Gad has designed numerous posters and published several books on design.
Gad designs coins and medals for the Israeli government and he created the emblem for the Six Day War