Diamond Cut LED Menorah with Exciting Lighting Options

Diamond Cut LED Menorah with Exciting Lighting Options

Code: RL-EMJ-4



Product Description

10.50" l x 2.50" w x 9.00" h
Illuminate the Chanukah night with the festive & sparkling tubes of this LED battery operated Menorah! Each tube features a "Diamond Cut Aluminum" with push-button sequential lighting PLUS unique extra functions such as chasing & blinking lights to enhance the Chanukah experience!
  • Bring the light of Chanukah into your home safely and conveniently! Electronic Lighting - Functions Including: Chasing Lights, Blinking Lights & Sequential Lighting Safe & Easy to Use
  • Using the power button on the left side:
  • 1. For MANUAL SEQUENTIAL lighting function, press button once to light the first night (middle bulb/Shamash and first bulb on the right will light). Press button again to light one additional bulb for each night of Chanukah.
  • 2. After all bulbs are lit, press button for BLINKING lights function.
  • 3. Press button again for CHASING lights function.
  • 4. Press button once more to operate AUTOMATIC SEQUENTIAL lighting function.
  • 9 LED bulbs