Deutronomy - Devarim - Custom Framed Jewish Art By Menachem Boas

Deutronomy - Devarim - Custom Framed Jewish Art By Menachem Boas

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Product Description

"Entire Text of Deuteronomy (Devarim)
The culmination of the Exodus from Egypt ws the giving of the Ten Commandments
That exhilarating moment at Sinai is relived in this stunning piece, with Moses carrying the Tables and the Leaders of Tribes bowing in awe
Unframed: 21 x 31 inches

Micrography, a Jewish art form developed in the ninth century, utilizes minute Hebrew letters to form representational, geometric and abstract designs
Colored Micrography is especially distinctive due to the fact that these rare artworks are customarily rendered in black and white
In micrography, the word literally becomes the vision, as thousands upon thousands of Hebrew characters blend and weave to tell a story
Richly simbolic and steeped in the grand tradition of Jewish Heritage, this remarkable art form is both intellectually and visually stimulating
In creating his paintings, Menachem Boas labored steadily for months on each image
Menachem is one of very few micrography artists in this world to use colored, and pastel metallic inks"