Derech Binah: The Hebrew Primer Grade Level: 3-5

Derech Binah: The Hebrew Primer Grade Level: 3-5

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Product Description


This best-selling primer has taught hundreds of thousands of children to read Hebrew! Special focus on:

  • Visual Discrimination: Find the letter that doesn't belong. Connect the letters that are the same.
  • Auditory Discrimination: Connect the letters that sound the same. Hebrew rhyming words.
  • Print Writing: Each lesson includes a ruled machberet page for students to practice forming block print letters.
  • Reading Games: Playful pages enliven the continuous drill work required for a firm reading foundation.
  • Prayer Practice: Blessings, prayers, Hebrew songs, and the Four Questions. All presented in large, clear type.
  • Speed Reading: A playfully competitive approach to encourage reading fluency.
  • Words to Read and Understand: Students practice reading the alef bet with real Hebrew words, both modern and prayer.

Derech Binah introduces look-alike letters together, along with reading exercises to help discriminate between them. Depend on the primer that has already brought a generation of students to Hebrew literacy.