David Broza - All or Nothing Ze Hakol Oh Klum Music CD

David Broza - All or Nothing Ze Hakol Oh Klum Music CD

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One of David Broza's best albums, All or Nothing is filled with what had made him a superstar in Israel: great lyrics, and a sound equal parts Israel and Andalusia, with a bit of USA and North Africa thrown in too. It's no wonder he's one of the biggest stars Israel has ever produced!
1. Ze ha-kol oh klum
2. Bocheh el ha-kirot
3. Imri li mi
4. Mirpesot Tel-Aviv
5. Achshav mahar
6. Sarabande
7. Holech mi-makom le-makom
8. Avak shel ha-hayim
9. Melach yam
10. Od Me'at
David Broza is not like any entertainer performing today.
Transcending national and artistic boundaries, this guitarist-composer sings in English, Hebrew and Spanish -- and with his flamenco and salsa-tinged folk-rock melodies and keen talent for breathing musical life into sensual snippets of poetry, Broza is a formidable musical force of nature. He commands and captivates his audience heart, mind, soul and gut. 'Even when he performs solo, the way he finger-picks and drums on that guitar at the same time, you'd think there were five people on stage,' declared one music biz exec. Hollywood Reporter says that Broza 'brings a powerful amalgam of influences to his work and commands the room with intensity.' Critics have labeled him as a post-modern Leonard Cohen, the Stevie Ray Vaughn of folk rock, the Mel Gibson of rock n' roll, the Bruce Springsteen of Israel -- and all five Gypsy Kings rolled into one! A modern-day troubadour traveling the globe with his unique blend of urban folk rock, the world of David Broza is passionate, dedicated and unique.
He became a superstar in his homeland of Israel by his early 20's with his quadruple platinum debut album The Woman By My Side.
16 gold, platinum and multi-platinum releases later, his American debut album Away From Home featured an all-star lineup of musicians including Sting/Weather Report drummer Omar Hakim and Spyro Gyra saxophonist Jay Beckenstein
Containing a wealth of diverse cultural influences, Away From Home was praised by the New York Times as one of the best pop albums of the year.
Time of Trains and Second Street, his second and third American releases, gained him recognition as one of the most important voices on the international music scene. Live concerts recorded at the Masada in 1993 and 1999 with impressive guest artists both resulted in platinum albums
With 19 albums to his name, his latest Spanish language record, Isla Mujeres was released this year in Spain and is gaining him superstar recognition.