Children's Yom Kippur Machzor. Author: Noam Zimmerman, age 14

Children's Yom Kippur Machzor. Author: Noam Zimmerman, age 14

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Every child will now be able to better understand the meaning and essence of this holy day celebrated by Jews throughout the world.
The simplified texts are taken from the Machzor HaMikdash for Yom Kippur
English and Hebrew
Illustrated by: Noam Zimmerman
Noam Zimmerman�s original clay sculptures enhance the prayer�s passages by acting as a visual aid to the text
The imagery in this Yom Kippur prayer book is particularly meaningful to children because they were created from the perspective of a the artist, who is a child
Jewish and universal themes from the Yom Kippur prayer service such as the sound of the Shofar,
Divine mercy, sacrifice, the temple, sin, repentance, prayer and charity are represented in a way that is endearing and intriguing to adults as well as children.
Noam Zimmerman, age 14, lives in Kfar Adumim in Israel.
She has been engaging in the art of 'fimo', or clay sculpting, for over four years.
The original publication of this machzor was given as a gift at her Bat Mitzvah celebration;
Zimmerman worked on the project for over nine months
'In order to connect to the prayers and understand them on Yom Kippur�
In order to feel the words and tune the heart to the sanctity of the day,
I have made these clay images that reflect passages from the prayer.'
� Noam Zimmerman, Age 14, July, 2006
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