ABC Passover Hunt, By Tilda Balsley

ABC Passover Hunt, By Tilda Balsley

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A to Z, an alphabet Passover scene. Find all the letters in between! ABC Passover Hunt is a colorful, interactive, rhyming search for Passover foods, customs, and symbols.
Tilda Balsley loves picture books. "I think a well-written and well-illustrated picture book offers as much to the adult reader as it does to the child. And the value is more than the aesthetic pleasure and the emotional power of text and illustration. Reading a picture book with a child is a relationship building experience. Then, of course, there's the literacy bonus for the child..." "So I have high expectations for the books that I write--not the least of these is to make my readers laugh. I've found that a sprinkling of humor improves just about everything in life."