300 Ways to Ask the Four Questions: From Zulu to Abkhaz - Book CD DVD

300 Ways to Ask the Four Questions: From Zulu to Abkhaz - Book CD DVD

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Product Description

Translations & Recordings
Suggestions to enrich your Seder
Puzzles and Games
With the Foreword Written by Theodore Bikel
This is the Passover book you never knew you needed — but you’ll wonder how you ever did without it! It’s origins: the authors are two slightly eccentric guys from New Jersey, who each had the custom [independently] of having two or three people ask the Four Questions in different languages. Then they met each other, and things got out of hand. The end result is a huge book, an “exuberant compilation” in the words of Jewish Book World. “The book comes with a CD and a DVD that have translation highlights, games, quizzes, chants — and more. Irresistable to any language lover and a trove of seder novelties.” We agree. And we’d add that it’s a great seder gift.

The result of a quest by two friends passionate about Judaism, Passover and languages, this book shows translations of the Seder's Four Questions into hundreds of languages spanning the globe: Jews from Uganda to Uzbekistan, aboriginals in Australia, Eskimo Bishops, Maori from New Zealand, experts of important ancient languages and sign languages. In the Foreword, Theodore Bikel raves that he "takes great delight in this book."

Make a multi-cultural seder like none you've ever experienced. Photographs, images and drawings from 120 countries, as well as fascinating information about the languages, speakers and translators. CD has recording highlights and quizzes. DVD shows 4 Sign Languages, the full set of recordings, quizzes, games and much more.

Learn about languages you've never heard of, spoken by millions of people, and languages spoken by hundreds or less. Native Americans, African, nearly forgotten languages of Jewish heritage, ancient, invented - the sounds of all humankind, asking the same questions. A modern Rosetta Stone!