Yippee! - A Journey to Jewish Joy. A Movie By Paul Mazursky

Yippee! - A Journey to Jewish Joy. A Movie By Paul Mazursky

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Paul Mazursky journeys to a small town in the Ukriane, to witness and participate in a three day celebration by over 25,000 singing, dancing, praying, and emotionally elevated Chassidic Jews
When Mazursky was told (by his optometrist) that 25,000 - mostly Hassidic - Jews from around the world were expected to visit Uman for three days of praying, singing, and dancing, the director felt compelled to make the journey himself.
Arriving in the Ukraine with a small film crew, Mazursky experiences an amazing series of events.
He meets and interviews a wide variety of Jewish men from many countries, sharing meals, laughs, and this unique experience.
The director visits the gravesite of Hassidic movement founder the Baal Shem Tov (Nachman's great-grandfather) and talks with Umanís non-Jews about their reactions to the annual massive influx of Hassidim.
The adventure culminates on the evening of Rosh Hashanah in a mass expression of spiritual ecstasy.
Yippee is an infectious road movie filled with electricity and awe and Mazursky is a splendid guide, funny, curious, and generous
USA, 2006, 74 minutes
Directed by Paul Mazursky