Tough Questions Jews Ask. By Edward Feinstein

Tough Questions Jews Ask. By Edward Feinstein

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A Young Adult's Guide to Building a Jewish Life
Imagining himself the teacher of a restless class of Jewish adolescents, Rabbi Feinstein confronts his students' relentless questions head on
While his class of 'teacher slayers' is fictitious, the questions they ask are real and repeatedly pique not only Jewish youths but also many of their parents
His book unfolds around these questions, each chapter pivoting on an issue of Jewish theology or practice: 'Why should I believe in God?' 'What is God, anyway?' 'What happens to us after we die?'
Using stories from the Bible and the Talmud as well as his personal experiences to underscore his wise answers,
Feinstein writes conversationally and with clarity. He also engagingly addresses issues of custom and history:
'Why do people hate Jews? Why is Israel so important? What is a bar or bat mitzvah?'
While his thoughtful and satisfying answers are directed at Jewish youths, they offer a primer on Jewish principles for interested readers of other faiths.
Charged with energy and insight, this resource will prove valuable to public and school as well as religion collections