Touched by a Story 4 By Rabbi Yechiel Spero

Touched by a Story 4 By Rabbi Yechiel Spero

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A new collection of inspiring stories retold by the best-selling author of Touched by a Story
Rabbi Yechiel Spero has stunned, amazed, and inspired readers with his popular series of real life stories.
His reputation as a master storyteller has grown worldwide and his style of writing, flavored with experience, fervor, and humility,
make these vignettes a rich resource for all.Touched by a Story 1, 2, and 3 took the world by storm and were instant best sellers.
Touched by a Story IV delivers even more of the inspiration Rabbi Spero's readers crave.
This latest edition is laden with subtleties that can indelibly influence attitudes and perspectives.
The book escorts the reader through thought-provoking realms of Chesed, Mitzvos, Deveikus BaHashem, Tefillah, Gevurah, Mesiras Nefesh, and more.
These profound and unforgettable life lessons are presented in a unique blend of both classic and contemporary settings.
Rabbi Spero illustrates the value of of a story well told to challenge people to aspire to greater heights of avodah.
Rabbis, teachers, parents, youth workers - indeed any reader - will treasure Touched By A Story IV as one of those rare books we return to often for spiritual refreshment and chizuk emunah.
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