Think Zone "Jewish Holidays" Booklets by Shifra Trifon

Think Zone "Jewish Holidays" Booklets by Shifra Trifon

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Think Zone Booklets By Shifra Trifon - Hebrew reading booklets for beginners for the holidays.
Series 2 = Jewish Holidays - The reading material is divided into three levels and the topics include all of the Jewish Holidays.
Each Kit includes:
30 Booklets, size of each booklet is 8.5" X 5.50" (4 pages ea.)
Recommended: 1 kit for 1-2 students.
Think Zone booklets were created to provide students with practice materials aimed at a non-Hebrew speaking audience. The reading booklets are comprised of simple and short stories that are easy to learn. Students will improve their reading skills while enriching their vocabulary. The series are self paced and students can read independently. Self-paced progress normally leads to a positive learning experience and reduces the resistance of the students to the study of Hebrew. Also available Series 1 - Basic Shills - designed for independent reading and basic reading comprehension. The reading material is divided into 6 levels. This series includes 4 page-booklets on topics such as "at school", "at home", "celebrations and birthdays" etc.