The Secret Life of Devorah Leah Dubin, By M. Jakubowicz

The Secret Life of Devorah Leah Dubin, By M. Jakubowicz

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It's summer vacation, and for eleven-year-old Devorah Leah Dubin that means long summer days stretching endlessly before her. Her best friend Kayla is at sleep-away camp; her three lively little brothers are constantly getting into trouble; and to top it off, she shares a room with her big sister Rina, who broods and complains non-stop. What will she do to keep herself sane?
The answer to that is not long in coming. There's a mail thief on the prowl in the neighborhood. Letters, checks, and packages disappear at an alarming rate. Devorah Leah, private investigator, goes on a top-secret assignment to crack the case and catch the thief.
Meanwhile, the Weissbergs move into the neighborhood and spark another slew of questions. Who is the mysterious figure peering through the slats in the window of the Weissberg house? Why doesn’t anyone in the Weisberg family breathe a word about it? What is the dark secret they are hiding?
Join the fun as Devorah Leah, armed with a pen, notebook and generous dose of imagination, discovers the identities of the Weissberg’s mystery relative, and the cork who stole the mail. And watch her as she discovers priceless lessons about family and friendship, patience, and giving along the way.
This is a zany, heartwarming book that will keep you wondering - and laughing - from beginning to end.