The Passover Zoo Seder. By S. Daniel Guttman

The Passover Zoo Seder. By S. Daniel Guttman

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How would the animals celebrate their Seder? There's mayhem at the zoo when not a single animal can find a Haggadah that isn't too worn to read. Then, Shari Elephant remembers the ceremony and soon each animal has its own role in the Pesach celebration. This fanciful and funny Passover verse invites all to share a tongue-twister, chant the Dah-yaynoo with Horsey, steal the Afikoman with a Baboon, and end the meal with Lion's Ma-Roar
The time for Passover is coming, but the zoo animals are worried. How will they celebrate when their Haggadahs are too worn to read? Thankfully, Shai Elephant remembers each and every bit of the Exodus story and assigns lines to all of the animals in the zoo. Beaded Bea Bee, Perky Parakeet, and Velvel Virus are all eager to buzz, chirp, and wheeze their parts. Everyone plays a role in the celebration-even the vultures help by finishing off the leftovers. Written to be read aloud, these fanciful and funny Passover couplets employ whimsical wordplay and invite children and their families to share a tongue twister, chant the Dah-yaynoo with Horsey and Donkey, steal the afikoman with Chief Bobby the Baboon, and end the meal with Lion's Ma-Roar. A glossary offers lighthearted definitions of the Passover terms used in the book, and a word search and crossword puzzle complete the fun.