The Little Midrash Says Passover / Pesach Haggadah

The Little Midrash Says Passover / Pesach Haggadah

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This marvelous Haggada is a treasure for each family member. 

The younger children will be delighted with the Midrashim, parables and number (gematriya) riddles. 

Teenagers and their parents will enjoy the questions and answers that address and lucidly explain basic points of the Haggada. 

Teachers and educators will find this book invaluable, since it presents the material in the vivid style for which '

The little Midrash Says' series has become famous.

This Haggada provides much more information than can be discussed during the Seder nights. It will actually keep the family busy during the yom tov meals all the eight days of Pesach!