The Life of David.  By Robert Pinsky

The Life of David. By Robert Pinsky

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Poet, warrior, and king, David has loomed large in myth and legend through the centuries, and he continues to haunt our collective imagination,
his flaws and inconsistencies making him the most approachable of biblical heroes.
Robert Pinsky, former poet laureate of the United States, plumbs the depths of Davidís life:
his triumphs and his failures, his charm and his cruelty, his divine destiny and his human humiliations.
Drawing on the biblical chronicle of Davidís life as well as on the later commentaries and the Psalms -
traditionally considered to be Davidís own words -
Pinsky teases apart the many strands of Davidís story and reweaves them into a glorious narrative.
Under the clarifying and captivating light of Pinskyís erudition and imagination,
and his mastery of image and expression, King David - both the man and the idea of the man - is brought brilliantly to life."