The Illuminated Torah - Sefer Shemot / Exodus By Rabbi Yonah Weinrib

The Illuminated Torah - Sefer Shemot / Exodus By Rabbi Yonah Weinrib

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The release of this volume culminates a new chapter in the history of manuscript illumination. The first offering in this historic edition on the Five Books of Moses, Sefer Shemos, traces the birth of our nation, the Exodus from Egypt, the Splitting of the Sea, the giving of the Torah and the construction of the Mishkan. The text comes alive with brilliant and creative imagery, enhanced by profound messages culled from the Midrash and hundreds of years of traditional commentary
Nearly 400 pages of art, research, commentary and insights
Complete English translation of the text with profound Midrashic commentary explaining all the nuances in the art
Students and scholars alike will be enriched by its teachings, as the vibrant palette of midrash and aggadah graces each volume.
Never before has the beauty of Torah been captured in the vibrant images and subtle nuances inherent in each brush stroke, from precision design to masterful execution.
The illumination is breathtakingly beautiful…the design is ingeniously creative - the artistry is museum quality…
the calligraphy is exacting…the commentary and research is profound…the messages of The Illuminated Torah are eternal

Classic Edition CIT
9 x 12 inches
365 Pages