The Haggadah of the Roshei Yeshiva Volume 2

The Haggadah of the Roshei Yeshiva Volume 2

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This Haggadah presents a magnificent panoply of gedolim, of great intellects, profound thinkers, and master teachers. These are people who shaped our century and exemplified the grandeur of the Torah
The dynasty of Brisk - the Bais HaLevi, Rabbi Chaim Soloveitchik, and Rabbi Yitzchok Zev (Reb Velvel) Soloveitchik. Their method of learning captured the world and raised Torah study to new heights
Rabbi Reuven Grozovsky - rosh yeshivah of Kaminetz and Torah Vodaath, whose penetrating insight was unsurpassed, and who blazed a path in post-War America
Rabbi Yechezkel Abramsky -- prize student of R� Chaim, brave Rav under the Communists, chief dayan of the British Empire, and rosh yeshivah in Jerusalem
Rabbi Yitzchok Hutner -- rosh yeshivah of Mesivta Chaim Berlin, one of scintillating intellect and prime interpreter of Maharal, whose discourses set new standards
Rabbi Yitzchok Yaakov Ruderman -- pioneer in transplanting the classic Torah of the Lithuanian yeshivah world to America, in Yeshivah Ner Israel, Baltimore
Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach -- beloved posek and rosh yeshivah of Kol Torah, Jerusalem, whose soft-spoken brilliance made him a magnet and role model for thousands
Rabbi Asher Bergman, himself the grandson of one of our times greatest Torah giants, has outdone himself again. Like its predecessor, this book collects and presents the wisdom of people whose thought and example inspire and invigorate countless Jews throughout the entire world. It will bring unbounded knowledge and pleasure to everyone fortunate enough to make it part of his Seder or Pesach preparation
A masterpiece!