The Eybeshitz Haggadah - Experiencing Redemption. By Vayaged Yehonatan

The Eybeshitz Haggadah - Experiencing Redemption. By Vayaged Yehonatan

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"Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeshitz was an outstanding eighteenth century Talmudist, Halachist and Kabbalist. Famed not only for his Torah wisdom and greatness but also for his worldly knowledge, Rav Yehonatan, as he was affectionately known, also debated religious and philosophical issues with the Christian leaders of his day.
Rav Yehonatan's breadth of knowledge and the ease with which he handled the many diverse disciplines of Torah study are virtually unparalleled. This book incorporates all his ""Exodus"" works in a series of free-flowing in-depth Haggadah discourses that reveal Rav Yehonatan's ability to weave Halacha, Aggada, Parshanot and Midrash into divrei Torah that are sure to enhance your Seder experience.
Rav Yehonatan's works have never been translated to English. The author's skillful translation and his ability to arrange these sometimes complex passages in an organized fashion, will benefit those who have a strong background in learning as well as those who are looking for refreshing and profounf material to say at the Seder table."