The Complete Shabbat Table Companion

The Complete Shabbat Table Companion

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Product Description

Perfect for family and guests around the Shabbat table. Instructions and English transliterations of all Hebrew blessings and prayers, as well as150 popular Shabbat and Festival table songs.
You've set the Shabbat table, meticulously, paying attention to every fine detail. And everything is in its place.

New guests, who have never experienced a traditional Shabbat or Festival meal, have been invited, and you hope you have remembered everything.

Finally, your family and guests arrive home from the synagogue, and Kiddush is made. The tantalizing Shabbat fish you have prepared gets rave reviews, and a good time is being had by all. Your guests become inspired and wish to fully participate and get involved.

Usually, the obstacles to involvement are the lack of familiarity with the procedures, and more commonly, the language barrier - given that all of the blessings and most of the songs are in Hebrew.

No problem! Next to each place setting you've placed the new Shabbat Table Companion, created especially to overcome this barrier to full participation. The meal turns out to be a great success. Your guests love it. You've done it again!