The Champion of Children - The Story of Janusz Korczak

The Champion of Children - The Story of Janusz Korczak

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Grade 47
Korczak was a doctor, writer, and advocate for children's rights in pre-World War II Poland
He ran an orphanage for Jewish children and acted as a beloved father figure right up until he and the children perished together in Treblinka.
Bogacki's picture-book biography is heartfelt and well researched
However, it seems overwhelmed by its own subject, as the author condenses the details of Korczak's
upbringing and the context of the Holocaust into a backdrop for the story of the orphanage
As a result, Korczak doesn't come across as the fascinating man he was,
and the book is a bit confusing.
Bogacki's childlike illustrations seem wrong for the dark subject matter and dark scenes,
particularly since most children don't learn about the Holocaust until fifth grade,
and these pictures seem too young for that audience