The Book of Jewish Holidays Grade Level 4-6

The Book of Jewish Holidays Grade Level 4-6

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Product Description

Author: Ruth Kozodoy
This lavish volume contains everything your students need to know about the feasts, fasts, and festivals that mark the Jewish year. Modern customs and celebrations are presented alongside each holiday's history and ancient traditions. Bible stories and midrashim illuminate the meaning of the holiday, and special attention is given to how holidays build core Jewish values.
Illustrated throughout with vibrant photographs and illustrations
Innovative activities - including recipes, family fun, and creative projects - are incorporated into the text, helping children to make the holidays their own.
Special features make each holiday a new discovery:
Sacred Text--enriches understanding with primary sources
Hebrew Lessons--provide key cultural vocabulary
Living Our Tradition--connects holidays with mitzvot to perform throughout the year
Holiday Planner--helps students prepare for each holiday
A Tradition to Share--engages the whole family in holiday observance
This text will captivate your students intellectually, spiritually, and creatively Also available in Russian