The Bar And Bat Mitzvah Book. By Linda Burghardt

The Bar And Bat Mitzvah Book. By Linda Burghardt

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Product Description

For anyone planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah— this friendly, upbeat guide will help you create a service and celebration that's right for you!
To enjoy a festive, spiritually rewarding Bar or Bat Mitzvah,
you need to understand the meaning of this revered rite of passage and also learn step-by-step how to plan a celebration that reflects your family’s personal values and style
But with such a variety of ancient rituals, new traditions, and contemporary party practices to choose from, preparing for this milestone event can seem overwhelming
The Bar and Bat Mitzvah Book is an indispensable guide to planning a family-oriented celebration that is filled with depth and meaning.
Whether your family is traditional, modern, or not particularly observant, even if your celebration will include interfaith couples, single parents,
or blended families, this book mixes sound, practical advice with joyful Jewish wisdom to offer you invaluable tips, guidance, and information on:
Finding your place in the Jewish community
Helping your child prepare for the service
Creating a personalized ceremony
Choosing your party's theme, invitations, and decorations
Hiring the best caterer and musicians
Planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel
Includes complete party-planning timetables, a full range of Judaic resources, and much more!