The Artscroll Children's Pirkei Avos By Shmuel Blitz & Chani Judowitz (Illustrator)

The Artscroll Children's Pirkei Avos By Shmuel Blitz & Chani Judowitz (Illustrator)

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Product Description

Pirkei Avos. It's not just for adults anymore!
Shmuel Blitz taught our children to love davening with the ArtScroll Children's Siddur. He delighted them with the Children's Megillah, Children's Haggadah and Children's Machzor. He even shared King David's lyrical prayers with them in the Children's Tehilim. He has a unique ability to reach and teach even the youngest children. Now he introduces our little ones to the timeless wisdom of Pirkei Avos. In this gorgeously illustrated volume, children will discover the ethical teachings of our Torah Sages in words and pictures that reflect their own lives, right on a level perfect for them.

The ArtScroll Children's Pirkei Avos includes:
The full Hebrew text of Pirkei Avos, with large print and vowels (nikud) to make it simple for children to read
A kid-friendly, age-appropriate English translation
His popular "Did You Know" and "Closer Look" features, giving children a better understanding of the concepts and background. (Adults love 'em too!)
Stunning, detailed full-color pictures by Chani Judowitz that will keep children interested and engaged
Pirkei Avos is the original "how-to guide " for people who want to live balanced, honorable and satisfying Torah lives. Shouldn't we share it with our children?