The Art of Anshie: A Very Niche Collection ART By Anshie Kagan

The Art of Anshie: A Very Niche Collection ART By Anshie Kagan

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Step right up and take a gander at this vibrant volume which showcases the paintings, drawings, and artwork created by Anshie Kagan from 2010-2020. Mixing comic style, pop art style, vintage and retro styles with Jewish themes, this book has something for everyone. It will make you lose weight, grow taller and instantly appear smarter. Anshie takes a satiric but respectful look at contemporary Jewish life.
Anshie Kagan's ironic, often dark artwork covers a variety of motifs and themes and has a strong influence of the Pop Art movement of the 1950's. Iconic, ultra-Orthodox rabbinic leaders are depicted on bright, psychedelic backgrounds with the usual portrayal of a monotonal religious culture. Kagan created his "Modern Day Commandments" piece - two columns of five QR codes representing the Biblical Decalogue - with respect to the blend of technology and religion. Anshie's work, in the same vein as the Pop Art movement, helps to decrease the gap between "high art" and "low art" and eliminate the distinction between fine art and commercial methods.
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