The Anne Frank Case. By Susan Goldman Rubin

The Anne Frank Case. By Susan Goldman Rubin

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This inspiring and suspenseful account testifies to the difference that one man's dedication can make.
In October 1958 renowned Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal received a disturbing phone call at his home in Linz, Austria.
He rushed to the Landes Theater, where a group of teenagers were disrupting a performance of The Diary of Anne Frank.
Wiesenthal, a Holocaust survivor, had made it his life work to ensure that Anne Frank and others who had died in the Holocaust were not forgotten
He was deeply concerned that many local teenagers seemed to agree with the neo-Nazi protesters that Anne's diary was a hoax.
Determined to find definitive proof that the diary was authentic, Wiesenthal began a five-year-long search for the Gestapo officer who arrested the Frank family
Age Range: 9 to 12
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