The 17th Bride - A Story of Love and War

The 17th Bride - A Story of Love and War

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"The setting is a war-torn village in Czechoslovakia 1942, commandeered by Nazis who order all unmarried Jewish women to be sent to labor camps. The story, based on real-life events, centers on a strong Jewish woman (Lisa Hartman) who enters into marriage with a man she dislikes believing it will save her from deportation.
Her decision is shared by the other women inthe village but after she becomes The 17th Bride in a single day to choose such a fate the Nazis declare the ceremonies invalid. The Jewish women are rounded up by the Germans and degraded, humiliated, and manhandled as a prelude to being shipped off on the death trains. Amidst the taunting and terror, an unexpected opportunity to escape presents itself... but is there anywhere to escape to?
Horrifying and hopeful, The 17the BRIDE is an unforgettable experience."