That's Me, Tzviki Green By Chaim Walder

That's Me, Tzviki Green By Chaim Walder

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“My name is Tzviki Green. I’m the boy you heard about and read about in connection with the scary story of the hostages captured in Singler’s Supermarket in Jerusalem.” “The story itself is true, but some of the reports were exaggerated...” Meet: Tzviki Green: a young Israeli boy uprooted from his comfortable, familiar home and transplanted to the frightening newness of America. Aryeh Singler: Tzviki’s best friend, a Roshover Chassid and Talmudic genius. He’s so different. Tzviki’s sister. Her life was toppled by a girl she never saw before. Judy: The girl whose meeting with Miri brought light into her life… until the sudden separation that plunged them both into darkness. Chaim Walder, bestselling author of Kids Speak and Real Kids Series really understands children and in this emotion-packed novel of a young boy’s rite of passage, a true-to-life hero’s experiences will delight and encourage all young people as they meet life’s challenges. This is a new edition of a bestselling classic.