Sterling Silver Star of David Crystals Beads Necklace

Sterling Silver Star of David Crystals Beads Necklace




Product Description

Sterling silver Star of David pendant with multicolor crystals and beads
Hand crafted
Judaica is influenced by inspirations from the past, combing Jewish motifs and classic modern design, which in harmony with the range of materials create the exceptional styles. Each style combines a variety of colors, textures and materials: crystals, beads, enamel, and more, which generate the uniqueness of the creations.

Adaya is an Israeli jewelry company that produces a beautiful range of Jewish jewelry and accessories. In the Adaya range you will find a unique selection of fashion jewelry that is made in Israel.

Each piece of jewelry created by the Israeli artist Adaya is hand crafted using a combination of crystals, glass beads, decorative metals and enamel. The result is a range of unique pendants and necklaces that are the perfect accessory for any occasion. Some of the popular designs include hamsa pendants and Star of David necklaces.

A piece of Adaya jewelry makes the perfect gift for a bat mitzvah or a birthday. Surprise someone you love with a unique piece of handcrafted Israeli jewelry.