Purim GAME Queen Esther - Dancing Dreidels

Purim GAME Queen Esther - Dancing Dreidels

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Product Description

In Ancient Persia, the King, Ahasuerus, married the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, Esther. When Esther became queen, her Uncle Mordecai accompanied her to the palace and became one of the Kingís advisors as well as to watch over Esther. But the Kingís chief advisor the Evil Haman became jealous of Mordecai and was enraged that Mordecai would not bow down to him. So Haman tricked the King into decreeing that all of Mordecaiís people, the Jews, should be killed though the King did not know Mordecai and Esther were Jewish.
But in this kingdom all the Kingís people know that if any person enters the Kingís presence without being summoned, they were put to death. Esther devised a plan to throw a grand feast and party using her great beauty and charm to win the Kingís favor so he would extend his Golden Scepter thus allowing Esther audience with him. At the party Esther must gather the evidence of Hamanís evil plot with the help of her loyal Seven Maidens and dance her way into the Kingís heart while concealing her motive from Haman as she prepares herself to face the King.

Players move around the board using a dreidel instead of dice. With each spin of the dreidel players can gain or lose Plot Cards as well as move forward or backwards. Players can also collect Seven Maidens cards which can be played at anytime to affect a players movement or defend against challenges. As players collect Plot cards they must match them up in order to form a completed version of Haman's infamous hat. Players then can turn in completed hats to Mordecai and receive Hamantaschen tokens. For every 3 hamantaschens a player may turn over one of their Royal Apparel Cards.
Once all 5 have been turned over to form Queen Esther in full color and Royal dress, a player must land on the throne room to convince the king and win the game. Players also will have opportunities to challenge other players to dreidel dance offs where they can take other players plot cards (also risk losing them to the other players) and group dances which require players to spin the dreidel the longest in order to win.