Out of Print Da'ath Sofrim: Book of IYOV Job By Rabbi Chaim Rabinowitz

Out of Print Da'ath Sofrim: Book of IYOV Job By Rabbi Chaim Rabinowitz

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The monumental commentary of Da'ath Sofrim, by Rabbi Chaim Rabinowitz, translated by Rabbi S. Carmel. 
Each verse is translated in its entirety, followed by a phrase-by phrase commentary.
During the second Temple days, the Book of Job was sometimes read to the High Kohen-Priest on the night of Yom Kippur (Yoma 3:1). On the surface, the book may seem irrelevant to Yom Kippur, since it deals entirely with one man s travails. Looking more deeply, however, specifically this book is the most appropriate for difficult times. This is why it was chosen to be read to the most holy of people, on the most holy of days, before entering the most holy of places, as he confronts the deepest causes of vicissitudes of life.

The book of Job is also very appropriate to be studied on the fast day of Tisha B av and during times of personal mourning because of the practical wisdom that is hidden in it. Although this wisdom is not always so readily understood, whatever part of it that can be applied towards accepting suffering in this world is of the greatest benefit.

The consensus of opinion in the Talmud is that the Book of Job was written by Moses (Baba Bathra 14b). our interpretation follows this opinion. As in the other books of Da ath Sofrim, special attention has been given to interpreting the verse according to the specific tense of the Hebrew text past, present or future. Many insights have been derived from this approach