out of print Da'at Tevunot. by RAMCHAL - Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato (Hebrew-Russian)

out of print Da'at Tevunot. by RAMCHAL - Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato (Hebrew-Russian)

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The true meaning of man's creation in the Divine Image
Vowelized Hebrew with facing Russian text
With commentaries by Rabbi Chaim Friedlander
Suffice it to say that The Knowing Heart, through the generations, has been the soul-prize of many Jews in their worldly sojourn;
and here is reason to hope that our Father in Heaven will reward our efforts and bequeath to us whatever our poor minds themselves cannot acquire,
so that we, too, will be reckoned among that fortunate fraternity of The Knowing Heart
The Knowing Heart is not easy reading
As with all things which promise infinite returns, it demands infinite effort
And even in those happy instances when one thinks he has understood,
he should not remain content with one reading (or with a single mental review),
for although he may have satisfied the Da'ath ('And know today') requirement,
he will not have satisfied the Tevunot ('And return it to your heart') requirement - which is by far the more crucial.
this last consideration will account to some extent for what some readers may regard as a superabundance of prefaces and summaries and repetitions of already assimilated ideas on the part of the author
'For the Lord gives wisdom: from His mouth come knowledge and understanding'