Living a Jewish Life

Living a Jewish Life

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Product Description

"Jewish tradition is a gift and a challenge.
Living a Jewish Life is your guide to the cultural and spiritual treasures of Judaism, explained in ways that address the choices posed by modern life.
From hanging a mezuzah to celebrating a wedding, from lighting Sabbath candles to choosing a synagogue that's right for you and your family,
you will find 'why-to's' and 'how-to's' in these pages, which are tuned to both the realities of the modern world and the timeless, grounding rhythms of Jewish tradition.
Spanning the spectrum of liberal Jewish thought -Conservative, Reconstructionist and Reform, unaffiliated, new age and secular -- this book provides a sensitive and practical introduction to making Judaism a meaningful part of your life.
Filled with anecdotes, lore, memorable quotations, history, prayers and ceremonies, Living a Jewish Life celebrates the diversity, joy and fulfillment of Jewish life today.
This book is filled with your Jewish choices"