Letters to Talia  Michtavim LaTalia By Dov Indig English Edition

Letters to Talia Michtavim LaTalia By Dov Indig English Edition

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Letters to Talia, or Michtavim LaTalia its original Hebrew title, was published in 2005 and sold over 50,000 copies.

Dear Dov, You must really be surprised to be receiving a letter from a girl you don’t know... Dov Indig was killed on October 7, 1973, in a holding action on the Golan Heights in Israel during the Yom Kippur War. Letters to Talia, published in his memory by family and friends, contains excerpts from an extensive correspondence Dov maintained with Talia, a girl from an irreligious kibbutz in northern Israel, in 1972 and ’73, the last two years of his life. At the time, Talia was a highschool student, and Dov was a student in the Hesder yeshiva Kerem B’Yavneh, which combines Torah study with military service. It was Talia’s father who suggested that
Talia correspond with Dov, and an intense dialogue developed between them on questions of Judaism and Zionism, values and education. Their correspondence continued right up to Dov’s death in the Yom Kippur War.

This book is an extraordinary exchange of letters, at once tragic and hopeful, between two young Israelis that illuminate the core beliefs at the bedrock of the Jewish state and the issues critical to securing its future.
Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

There is a whole world to discover from the collection of letters featured in Letters to Talia.… The publication of this collection of letters in the English language is essential, as it promotes a cohesive understanding of our beloved nation of Israel and its Torah, both for those in the Diaspora and within Israeli society.
MK Danny Danon, Deputy, Speaker of the Knesset

Dov's answers stand out in depth, intelligence, clear thinking and precise composition. For him the Tanach (the Bible) is a book of real life, not ancient literature.
Dr. Dinah Levin, Head of Literature Department of Talpiot College, Jerusalem