Jewish Luxury Quilling Greeting Card "Chai" Hand Made

Jewish Luxury Quilling Greeting Card "Chai" Hand Made

Code: GC-Quill-HD647



Product Description


Handmade in Vietnam using tiny strips of paper that are quilled, or rolled, into a variety of shapes then attached to the card. Each quilling card is a work of art with impressive details and can even be framed to be displayed and enjoyed all the time!

Quilling cards are more than just greeting cards, they’re beautiful works of art. Who knew paper could be twisted in so many unique shapes! You’ll love these cards so much you might want to frame them!

Lovingly-made by talented women artisans in Vietnam. 

Blank inside. Envelope included.

**Requires more than a normal letter stamp since it is square and not flat.

Size: 6″ x 6″