Hadracha on Shalom Bayis and Building a Yiddishe Home

Hadracha on Shalom Bayis and Building a Yiddishe Home

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Harav Hagaon Rav Moshe Braverman shlita

Special Shiurim for Chassanim Included

Harav Moshe Braverman shlita, Rosh Yeshivah of Yeshivas Meah Shearim, is a world-renowned authority on Shalom Bayis issues and a sought-after Mashpia who has gained international acclaim for his expertise in dealing with all aspects of the Jewish home. 

Through his shiurim and classes, as well as through his personal guidance, he has influenced scores of individuals and couples and helped guide them through the thorniest issues of Shalom Bayis, as well as with everyday challenges that affect every home. I have been privileged to share a relationship with Rav Braverman and am proud to offer his profound shiurim on Shalom Bayis in English. This is the first time Rav Braverman’s Shalom Bayis shiurim have been translated and published in English, and will surely be a great benefit for all English-speaking families. 

The shiurim are translated as said by Rav Braverman. The lessons contained within are those stressed by Rav Braverman as being of utmost importance for every Jewish husband and wife.

May you all be zocheh to benefit from this sefer and merit having the Shechinah dwell in our homes.  

Rabbi Aryeh Moshe Leiser