Grandparent's Memory Book for Jewish Families (Paperback)

Grandparent's Memory Book for Jewish Families (Paperback)

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Product Description

"Grandparents and extended family can personalize their own family keepsake that will be enjoyed by both present
and future generations with the elegant and user-friendly new Grandparentís Memory Book for Jewish Families.
The fill-in-the-blank pages and lay-flat binding allow families to record personal memories
and reflections on topics from family history to religious identity, favorite things and memories to thoughts on being a grandparent.
This memory book, inclusive of grandparents from a variety of religious and ethnic backgrounds,
also includes a beautiful double-spread family tree spanning five generations.
Additional pages at the back allow room for photos and other family memorabilia.
The full color book was edited by Marsha Rehns for the Congregation Beth-El of Montgomery County, MD."