Circus PalestinaA Film By Eyal HalvonDVD

Circus PalestinaA Film By Eyal HalvonDVD

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"Once upon a time (and this really happened) a small circus troupe from Eastern Europe came to the Holy Land. Touring the country, they decided to make a stop at a tiny village on the edge of the West Bank. It was a momentous event for the villagers for, until that day, their main activity was scavenging spare parts from stolen autos.
One the circus's opening night, Schweik, the lion, runs away, just moments before he is scheduled to appear. Some say he's looking for love, others that he's searching for freedom, but one thing is certain - he's gone. A search party forms, bringing together the unlikely trio of a beautiful Russian lion tamer, a powerful Israeli Army Sergeant, and a small Arab boy named 'Dayan'. Their simple mission is quickly complicated by the tumultuous events of their everyday lives and the plot thickens with surprising twists and turns.
An intriguing tale of loyalty, love, freedom, and flags, 'Circus Palestina' is a stunning spectacle that will have you roaring with laughter! Written and Directed by Eyal Halfon."