Chanting the Hebrew Bible With Audio CD, By Joshua R. Jacobson

Chanting the Hebrew Bible With Audio CD, By Joshua R. Jacobson

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The Complete Guide to the Art of Cantillation.
Cantillation, the public reading of a passage of Scripture, is an essential element of the Jewish worship service. Chanting the Hebrew Bible provides a fine history of the tradition and offers a comprehensive explanation of the practice, an explanation of regional variations and grammatical rules, and shows how chanting dramatizes and interprets the meaning within the biblical text. In addition, Jacobson shares his unique system of notation and supplies extensive examples of musical notation.
Joshua Jacobson, professor of music and conductor of the acclaimed Boston-based Zamir Chorale, has been Torah chanting since he was 10 years old. That life-long experience, combined with the an unquenchable desire to reconnect the art of cantillation with the most convincing and accurate treatment of the ancient text possible, led him to create this indispensable teaching tool. Using Jacobson's highly acclaimed approach, the ancient words come alive in a new, deeply emotional and most accurate way
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