Ceramic "Cube" Chanukah Menorah Kit Classroom Craft Project Pack of 12

Ceramic "Cube" Chanukah Menorah Kit Classroom Craft Project Pack of 12

Code: BEN-SBS020



Product Description


Ceramic "Cube" Hanukkah Menorah craft project. 

110 ceramic cubic candle holders (for 12 menorah + 2 spare) 1/2" wide each, can be arranged in versatile ways. 

holes are a bit wider than standard candles and do not hold candles snug! 

if glued together as in the sample photo, total width is about 11". 

Color with acrylic paint, 3D Tulip Paint (decoration material not included). 

Hanukkah arts and crafts projects are a great way to teach children of all ages about the miracle and symbols of Hanukkah (Chanukah). At Benny's you'll find a variety of craft materials and supplies that can be used in a classroom setting in a Jewish preschool, Jewish day school, or a Hebrew (religious) school. Hanukkah (Chanukah) Menorah Arts & Craft Projects are intended only as arts & crafts decoration projects. All parts of this craft menorah are safe and non-flammable, however decoration materials & glues used by you in your projects may be flammable! The way a Menorah project is constructed may also cause it to become a fire hazard. Benny's Educational Toys does not encourage in any way to light any arts & craft project! Lighting a menorah is on your own responsibility.

Box contains 110 Cubes (for 12 menorah + 2 spare)