Avraham Fried: Ah Mechayeh! & Other Yiddish Songs New CD

Avraham Fried: Ah Mechayeh! & Other Yiddish Songs New CD

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Product Description

Yiddish, Ah Yiddish!
You will agree that Yiddish, spoken or sung, has a certain geshmak, chein and Yiddish taam that just can't be captured in any other language. So it is with thanks to The Ribono Shel Olam that I present to you, dear listener, 13 Yiddish songs, that I hope will inspire and uplift you like only a Yiddish song can. I was reminded of the Chasid who would often translate the words of davening into Yiddish. When asked on what basis does he take the liberty to do so, he responded: "Mein yetzer hara farshteit besser oif Yiddish" (my yetzer hara understands better in Yiddish)! Also, I felt that after my previous CD "Keep Climbing," the time was right for a musical change. So Yiddish it is. All Yiddish! In preparing this album, I rediscovered some old Yiddish favorites, added several new compositions, and after months of recording and tweaking, you can now hold the final product in your hand.
A message from Avraham Fried, Chai (18th day) Elul 5773