Art Glass Menorah Made in Israel by Lily ART

Art Glass Menorah Made in Israel by Lily ART

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Product Description

Made by Lily Art.
Founded in 1992 by David and Lily Shohat,
Lily Art Ltd. is located near Gedera, Israel.
Lily Art is a prestigious art-design company in Israel, and specializes in the unique creation and decoration of elegant glassware. All pieces are unique, hand-made treasures that emit a sense of style and elegance, suitable for all types of decor. Lily Art prides itself on the development of a nouveau-chic approach to traditional Judaic pieces. Various motifs are sure to suit any palette. Their extensive collection ranges from traditional Judaic pieces such as candlesticks, Hanukkah Menorahs, Seder plates and Mezuzah cases, to distinctive home decor pieces