A Rainy Day Story Paperback A Picture Book By Ruth Calderon

A Rainy Day Story Paperback A Picture Book By Ruth Calderon

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Product Description

Rabbi Hanina feels sorry for himself when he becomes wet, cold and muddy from the rain. But when he goes inside his house―where he is warm, dry and happy―he feels selfish, knowing the parched earth needs the rain, and he learns a lesson about his place in the world.

"Tal­mu­dic tales are a rich source of lit­er­a­ture for chil­dren. They are redo­lent with atmos­phere, packed with lay­ers of mean­ing, evoca­tive of his­toric times, and fea­ture char­ac­ters sur­pris­ing­ly easy to con­nect with and love. This one focus­es on the earth and the cycle of nature. It tells us nev­er to take rain for grant­ed; to remem­ber that it pro­vides sus­te­nance, nour­ish­es the earth, and is vital to life.

Rab­bi Han­i­na Ben Dosa is caught in a ter­ri­ble down­pour and is sud­den­ly, soak­ing­ly, uncom­fort­ably wet. He knows that the rain is good for the earth and its crea­tures, and that the grow­ing things depend on its reg­u­lar appear­ance but still … he wants to be warm and dry. He prays for the rain to stop, which it does. Han­i­na is sat­is­fied until he remem­bers the plants, the ani­mals, and the cracked, thirsty soil. When the rain once again begins to fall, Han­i­na real­izes he can stay warm and cozy inside his home while the rest of the world enjoys and ben­e­fits from the won­der­ful rain outside.

A sim­ple after­word retells the sto­ry of Rab­bi Han­i­na and the rain in a pas­sage trans­lat­ed from the Baby­lon­ian Tal­mud. The sto­ry is accom­pa­nied by art so rich­ly col­ored and lush­ly drawn that it seems to have soaked up the ben­e­fits of a gen­tle, heal­ing rain.

There’s much to learn from this sim­ple sto­ry; it deliv­ers the kind of les­son that sticks. Once absorbed, it can change a child’s out­look and will last for a lifetime." ― Michal Hoschlander Malen, Jewish Book Council

About the Author

Ruth Calderon is the Visiting Professor in Talmudic civil law at Harvard Law School. A former Member of Knesset, she is also an educator and academic Talmud scholar. She is the founder of the Elul pluralistic beit midrash, as well as Alma, the Home for Hebrew Culture. She received her MA and PhD in Talmud from the Hebrew University. This is her first children’s book. She lives in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Noa Kelner graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design. She works with book publishers, newspapers, and magazines, and loves to give stories color and form. She is the co-founder and artistic director of the annual "Outline – Illustration and Words" festival in Jerusalem and also teaches illustration. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and two children.