A Carta Jerusalem Map of Biblical Archaeology

A Carta Jerusalem Map of Biblical Archaeology

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Product Description


Jerusalem: Biblical Archaeology is a detailed and colorful map designed especially for tourists that elegantly displays all the archaeological sites one may visit in and around Jerusalem. This treasure trove of information was developed in collaboration with the Israel Antiquities Authority and contains the most up-to-date available archaeological data.

More than just a map, it also contains additional information about Jerusalem's most precious archaeological sites, such as Mount Zion, the Mount of Olives, the Kidron Valley, the Ben Hinnom Valley, the Via Dolorosa, and the vitally important water aqueducts that permitted the ancient city of Jerusalem to flourish.

Jerusalem: Biblical Archaeology also boasts:

  • An enlarged map of the historic Old City of Jerusalem
  • A guide to Jerusalem's ramparts and Old City walls
  • Photographs of exciting finds retrieved from Jerusalem's past
  • Sites from many different time periods, including the biblical and pre-biblical, New Testament and Roman, Second Temple and Hasmonean, Byzantine, Crusader, medieval, and Islamic eras
  • Holy sites

Jerusalem: Biblical Archaeology is a powerful witness to the centrality of Jerusalem in the world's most widely read book—the Holy Bible—and by extension, in the history of Western Civilization. A must have for anyone interested in the fascinating history of this holy city!