Rosalie Gerut, et al: Sleep My Child CD

Rosalie Gerut, et al: Sleep My Child CD
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A collection of Jewish Lullabies in Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino, and English. Translations and transliterations are included in the extensive liner notes booklet.
Wings of Love
Sarah's Lullaby & Hagar's Lament
Ba'a M'nuchab
Burme Hermoza Donzella
Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen
Az Ikh Volt Gehat Amol Iz Geven A Mayse
Layla, Layla
Durme Hermozo Hijico
Erev Ba
Durme Mi Angelico
Shlof Mayn Kind, Shlof Keseyder

Shlof Mayn Tokhter
Oyfn Pripetshik
Dugit Shata
Shlof Mayn Zun
Shlof Mayn Kind
A La Nana
Nighttime Fantasy