Albert Einstein The Jewish Man Behind The Theory

Albert Einstein The Jewish Man Behind The Theory
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A young adult biography that focuses on Einstein as a great Jewish thinker and champion of Israel
In 2005, the world celebrated Albert Einsteinís annus mirabile, the miraculous year.
It was the 100th anniversary of the publication of his five pioneering papers that led to revolutionary changes in our understanding of the properties of space and time.
The anniversary of the Einsteinís Theory of Relativity and the publication of his famous formula, e=mc2, presents JPS with an opportunity to educate a new generation of young readers about Einsteinís importance as a scientist and, more specifically, as a Jew.
Speregen fully explores the fascinating story of Albert Einsteinís connection to his Jewish roots and the growth of his commitment to the creation of the State of Israel.
She describes Einsteinís difficult early years as a student in Germanyís repressive school system and
details his struggle to respond to his stubborn questioning nature and relentless personal search for answers to some of the great questions of the universe.
The author discusses how Einsteinís ties to his people grew as he witnessed the rise of anti-Semitism in the early 1900s
and his relentless efforts to raise money and public awareness to promote the creation of the State of Israel.
(In fact, he was even offered the presidency of Israel after the death of Chaim Weizman.)
Speregen presents an intriguing picture of the seemingly ordinary man who was to become one of the worldís most recognized and respected thinkers.